Suggestion for future Zorin Release Nautilus copy/paste desktop

Dear all,

I would suggest for future Zorin's release, the ability of the file manager namely Nautilus to be able to copy/paste files from the desktop, if anyone knows how to do with current 16.2 version I would be very grateful, the rest this operating system is rock solid and I fully recommend to everyone.


I have just opened a folder and cut and pasted a file to my desktop, then back to the folder again. Can also drag file to desktop and back.
This is on Z15.3 Core Nautilus.

I would be surprised if that functionality is no longer present in Z16.2 Core Nautilus?

On version 16.2, let's suppose you want to copy a image file outside the desktop, you can select copy of that file from the external folder, and when you try to paste to your desktop the option is grayed and unavailable, only way is to drag and move which is very inconvenient, for me this is not truly copying but you're triggering a different event, which is dragging, yes I read previous versions of Nautilus doesn't have this issue.

Wow. What am I missing with such a regression. :upside_down_face:


The slight workaround - and the one used in Zorin OS 16 - is the Desktop Icons Gnome Shell Extension. This extension can allow icons on the desktop, but cannot force the file manager to manage the desktop.

Thanks for the tip, it does works to copy something from an outside folder to the desktop, but unfortunately it still doesn't work from desktop to an outside folder, but is better this than nothing.

Gday @Viggen66 ,
Have you tried the permission setting?

I have the same settings as you, you can try yourself, installing third party desktop icons extensions, and try to copy desktop to other driver than home drive.

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