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i want to see custom made underscan overscan tool for zorinos. i see commands if i take pc to a tv then i have to adjust it. or i cant like see menu or tabs so on in firefox. and this always is lacking in windows if there is not drivers from their manufacter website. and not driverpack file. like we need nvidia or ati card just to use it on a tv or very costly hdmi processor when there is just a command for xandr. i have no idea to use it i understand i put something in termina even i got a pc monitorif i did not i was not going to use zorin anyway i added custom resolution and after reboot it was gone in custom screen resolutin snap

example i got a scaler monoprice blackbird and when i add that to hdmi i get like all resolutions to tv screen and when i go into system i should recongnise screen edid or something and set 1080p or 4 k whatever to underscan it to display to see the tabs icons clock on desktop and broswer with no required ati nvidia or any drivers just linux that support it in kernel when i change tv is should be able to adjust it for same device to another % in heigth width i want feature like that

The xrandr command for you may be:

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set underscan on --set “underscan vborder” 30 --set “underscan hborder” 30

Though you may be HDMI-1. You can check in terminal first with

aplay -l

If you want, you can set this to autostart as a bash script.
In /etc/xprofile or in ~/.xprofile (if the file does not exist, you can just create it), save:


Followed by the portion above to become:

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set underscan on --set “underscan vborder” 30 --set “underscan hborder” 30

Set the borders to the value that works for you.

Thank you!

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