Suggestions about install into VirtualBox

Hello. First time Zorin user, and some suggestions for installing V17.1 into VirtualBox based on recent experience. Installation of Core went with no issues, used a 35 GB virtual disk. Installation of Education many more problems, ended up reinstalling Education 17.1, so suggest:

Use 50 GB virtual disk for Education. Install is much bigger than the 24 GB suggested minimum. At one point it filled the entire 35 GB I first gave it so reinstalled. At the moment it is using only 27 GB, must have slimmed down after some updates.
Use VirtualBox 7.0.14 Guest Additions. Neither the Zorin Guest Additions nor the VBox 7.0.12 correctly did screen resolution resizing, particularly full screen was not full screen. Updated to 7.0.14 and works properly with no issues.
For some reason Education would hang at the end of install when shutting down to reboot during the first two installs, correctly rebooted during the third and last reinstall.
Strongly suggest making VBox snapshots along the way. I know better but was lazy and didn't, so ended up having to do several installs.

Well, will try Core and Education and hope I like them!
Best, IMF

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