Super impressed with this Distro

Just wanted to take a moment to voice my satisfaction with this distribution. I'm a longtime Linux user from the earliest days and have used dozens of distributions over the years. This is one of the easiest and prettiest distros ever. Though most of my time is spent on the command line, I appreciate the attention to detail in the look and feel aspects.

I had a couple minor hiccups running VMWare Player and Workstation. This was solved with:

Also, when updating the Linux tools in VMWare, it asks for the root password versus the user password which is different than in other distributions. I don't normally set the root password (preferring to use sudo only) so this caused some minor confusion.

I installed this on a 2021 Dell XPS 15 with NVidia 1650 graphics. No issues that I can see and display is using the proprietary NVidia drivers without issue. It's not a super GPU but tools like Blender and TensorFlow are accelerated. On other distributions this sometimes took a couple reboots to get working.

I had to expand the page space volume. The laptop has 64G of RAM and there appears to be some requirement during sleep/hibernation. I don't know if it's an actual issue as I rarely put it to sleep.

There are some cases where third-party installers look at the /etc/os-release file. It would be nice to have a clean way to temporarily impersonate another distribution (e.g. what I think the ID_LIKE value is used for). For some tools I needed to override this (E.g., ZScaler VPN).

Anyhoo, kudos for a really great desktop experience. Everything works smoothly.


This would be helpful to many people, I imagine.


I concur with you on this. I have a short attention span, so pretty works on me.
And not being too smart, easy is also very beneficial.


I want to personally welcome you to Zorin OS 16, and to our Zorin community and family. I also want to thank you for supporting the developers in purchasing PRO, you are stellar! :star2:

I am so very glad that you are enjoying Zorin OS 16! If your doing mainly production work, that doesn't require a high end GPU, many people mistake that. Production work, such as that of what you would do with photo/video editing, or 3D modeling Blender, or cad design, that uses CPU more then anything.

This is why whenever someone asks me what computer they should get, and they tell me they plan to do moderate level production work, I tell them hands down Intel Core I7 8-core CPU, 16GB RAM 32GB proffered.

And if they tell me their going to do high level production work, like for a business. Thats when I recommend Intel Core I9 12-core or better, 64GB RAM minimum. If they tell me they will be processing 12K footage in editors, then I recommend 128GB RAM.

So two lessons in regards to production work. The CPU is always used more, and the higher the resolution your working with, the more RAM you need. Its really nice to meet you.

You, are simply stellar! :star2:


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