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Whenever I want to report a bug, make suggestions or help software developers I often can't find their email address or a forum where I can do these things. Most of the time I read “file a bug” or “track issues” using GitLab/GitHub. Do you think I should create an account to do them so I don't have to travel all over the Internet to get it done?

I'm trying to understand your question, how would creating an account for "bug" reporting be beneficial since you would still have to "travel" the internet to report issues for the software you use? If nothing else, maybe bookmarks in a directory labeled debugging or dev contact would be better for your interest.

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Why not use browser bookmarks, or copy the url's to a text file and list them there for future reference.

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I mean, instead of searching on internet every time for my favourite software to contact developers or report something I'd use an account to do this on GitHub/GitLab because most of the time when I click Web Page button on a software in Software Center it leads me to the software webpage and I usually read that the better way to report a bug or help in any other way is using GitHub/GitLab (and also because sometimes there's no feedback/review system or contact forms on the software webpage itself). This would be for most of the software that I use, then some of course may not have a GitHub/GitLab dedicated page and so I'll have to do more research. But at least as most of them have a GitHub/GitLab dedicated page I'd save more time rather than searching for every software singularly.

Yes, this is something that I already do :smile:.

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After that a developer confirmed that I can help using GitLab and GitHub I'm now registered on both and could find some of the software I use. Now I just have to start getting the hang of it.

Gday @Luca_Pavan,
For Debian & Distro's, bug's.
Try: " Reportbug ", available in software store.

For website's
try, search/looking for " bug tracking tools ".
Most good one's you have to pay.

Like " bookmark/copy URL "
When you have the "report bug" page open,
Drag & drop the Padlock, " Icon " ( to the left of the URL address bar) , to your desktop, then drag to a folder of your choice.
It's like a shortcut.

Updated photo, :smile: Photo now has a pointer :smile:
Gee im cwever :rofl:


Very good, thanks for suggestions. Reportbug installed, I'll try it.

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Clicking Next just closes Reportbug :tired_face:.

What about this :point_down:?

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Send a Bug report for ReportBug !! :rofl:
Sorry i dont use them, Try ReportBug forum.

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337harvey suggests bookmarking the developers' information webpages (for bug posting or bug reports on dedicated forums/chats or for e-mail contacts).

zabadabadoo suggests the same or saving the links in a text file (for future reference).

Ocka suggests Reportbug (available on Software Center), a bug tracking tool or dragging the lock icon to a favorite directory or directly on browser favourites/bookmarks bar/menu.

Luca_Pavan suggests reporting via GitLab or GitHub (assuming the software in question is on one of the 2).

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