Swap partition too small :(


Thanks to everyone for the replies, this has kinda blown up which I did not expect

I believe it's a partition, I'll post swapon here here:

lakimens@lakimens-zorin:~$ swapon -s
Filename				Type		Size	Used	Priority
/dev/dm-2                              	partition	999420	867728	-2

My device is Lenovo Yoga 7 14", AMD 6800U, 16GB RAM, no discrete GPU, 512GB SSD Storage.

I downloaded the image from the official website (core version) and dragged it into my ventoy USB drive, then booted from the drive and installed it from there.

Hope this is enough info! Let me know if something more is needed!

Using a tool like stacer can show you if the swap is ever even used and what the performance of other parts of the system are like during it's use.

You may very well be looking to improve something that is never utilized.

I understand, but I mostly want swap equal to RAM to be able to hibernate the device.

I find sleep somewhat unreliable at times. I've had devices wake up in my bag and waste all the battery, which can't happen under hibernate.

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It makes more sense why you are attempting this...would you post a screenshot of Disks, with the drive that contains the swap partition?

The only way to increase a swap partition is to modify the partitions to allow for the space and resizing.

Gday @lakimens ,
Try this link may help.

For swap size create it to double your ram,,
Eg: If you have 4Gb, create an 8Gb swap file.

Something that may help you in figuring out your partitioning: Partitioning Demistified

So engaging in enlarging the file size will enlarge the swap?

As the OP has shown:

It is a partition. Increasing the file size may also perform the same for those that are not using hibernation, but it may require the swap configuration to be changed. I do not know any other way to increase a file size manually, which may not have any effect since the size is defined elsewhere.


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