System Crashes When Using External Display


I have a Lenovo Laptop Running Zorin 17.1, and every time I plug in a external display via HDMI out the external monitor doesn't display anything, and my laptop display just kinda freezes. It will let me move my mouse, but that is it, before inevitably going to a black screen and giving me a Nvidia "Failed to query display engine channel state" error.

I've tried to update all my drivers & software and use nvidia driver 535, 545, and the Nouveau display driver but always get the same error.

I'm a bit lost, on what step to to take next. Really appreciate any help.

Hold Windows logo button and press P some times to switch between each different screen mode to see if one works. Also, sometimes we need to change some settings on the external screen to make it work properly when plugged to the computer. For example my TV isn't able to show my laptop screen to resolutions above the maximum one of my laptop screen so I have to set a lower one or its same one.