System freeze after cryptsetup

I installed Zorin Lite on my old laptop, I don't have any issues on instalation process but after restart when i type my password Zorin shows message "cryptsetup: cryptdata: set up successfully" and freezes. How to solve that?
It's HP compaq nx9420 laptop and it was running earlier on win7.

Cryptsetup is the password you created to encrypt hard drive during installation ( I personally saw the option functional in a xfce PC). No idea about your situation (might be a bug or unintentional mistake). Will you clarify a little bit more!

Also, you can only remove the encryption with a reinstall :man_shrugging:


I had encrypted my hard drive when I first installed Zorin.
I learned to not do that again...

It is way over-kill. The standard security on Zorin OS is more than sufficient.
I reinstalled without encrypting the drive and have stayed that way ever since.

Do you have Secure Boot disabled in BIOS Settings?

I think i check it unintentionally.
So thing i should do is reinstall a system and try installing it without this option checked?

I didn't see Secure Boot in BIOS, only thing I see is USB Legacy Support (I found on other forum that this option should be it) and it's enabled

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Yes, If you Don't want further trouble in OS usage. It is a legacy xfce option available on other distro's too, just to secure work PC's with important files. Not for Personnel Computer's :smile:

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Ok, so I'll do it and let you know guys is system working!

Everything works fine now! thank you guys for help!


Your Welcome :smile:


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