System sound is not working | Dual Boot (Win 11 + Zorian 16)

Hi There,

I just recently installed the Zorian Core OS.

I just love the overall performance and huge thanks to entire Zorian team.

Overall system is working fine, but I am not able to get the sound.

Seems OS is not able to pick the hardware and I am just getting dummy status.

I already tried things as mentioned in following link, but not luck for me.

Sharing screenshot for further info.

Laptop model - Infinix INBOOK X1 SLIM

Please provide solutions.

Thanks in advance!

There are several ways to show your sound card:
aplay --list-devices
pactl list

Find which sound card your laptop is using, then go in search of Linux drivers for that sound card.

That laptop uses DTS audio, and Linux uses PulseAudio, so this might help...

Thank you for quick response. @Mr_Magoo

I run the listed commands from shared resource, but I am not able to make it work.

Don't have that level of technical coverage, need further help.

Sharing screenshot for more info.

The could not open lock error means that you have another application open that handles installations and uninstalls.
You can only run one installation or removal at a time. The system puts a lock on the package management while any package management process is running.
Close any Open terminal, Synaptic Package Manager or Software Store in order to resolve that.
That will release the lock. In future, be sure to be mindful that you keep installations individually run.

The focal release: does not have a release file means that the repository you added does not have a package released for Focal repository. It is a non-functioning repository for you and should be remove.
You can launch Software & Updates then navigate to the other software tab. Scroll down the list to the avidemus repository and click on it to select it.
Then click the Remove button at the bottom of the window. That will resolve that issue.

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