System76 Lemur Pro model lemur10 (newest) Wifi AX201 driver fails to load occassionally

I think when it comes to Linux distro, there is no such thing as "one size fit all". People often forget that since there really are no such options in Windows nor macOS.

My comfort zone is 5+ years old machines with Debian based distro.

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But the beauty of Mate, XFCE etc. Modular components a lot of the time. I mostly even, use Zorin OS as a base, which I then modify, swap out packages, change configurations and so on... I make it my own.

That is very true.
I think I passed my crazy customization period and both my husband and I are happy with default settings - might be a sign of the old age :wink:

To me, it is one and the same with functionality.
For example, arranging my tools in an accessible and logical way...
-is just as important as -
Ever fall in hate with that spinning blue circle that denotes loading or waiting?
When I customize that with a cool .css animation, it makes it more bearable.

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it seems to be working now using pop-os repo for linux-firmware. i done a few reboots.


I think my mind set is way more forgiving that yours :laughing:
Or that, as I say I am getting old :nerd_face:

Good news.

Maybe give it some time to see if it lasts...

Now i am just thinking again since its a system76 machine. Why not boot pop os and extract the firmware from there ?

Edit: nvm i see you solved it that way.

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Thanks though- you made me scroll up and look at the post and I saw that the acursed markdown altered the code and I needed to fix it. I really wish markdown did not Try to Think For Us sometimes.