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Hi everybody.
I won't be active in the forums a lot these days, because:

  1. as @Luca_Pavan could confirm you, in the region we both live there is a lot of hail and rain and wind. Trees are falling and people have a lot of fear
  2. Another Italian region is being burned because there are a lot of fires. I have a friend of mine that lives in a city which has been razed to the ground by fire and I'm trying to help her

Maybe y'all are not even interested but I think people should made aware of what climate change is doing.


It seems that after the “transition” from fuels to electricity and eco-sustainable energy sources the weather is changing anyway, in fact years ago in my city I never saw hailstones the size of a ping pong ball fall, much less in summer (hail here is rare). If I am not mistaken, Monday, July 24 in the afternoon happened just that, never seen such large hailstones. It has also started raining several times in the summer so I wouldn't be surprised if there is warm weather in the winter that was “replaced” by rains and hail in the summer, it seems that seasons will swap weather.

EV's and Eco-Sustainable energy even today make up a pitifully small portion of meeting the worlds energy demand.

The effect of the massive introduction of Carbon Dioxide on the atmosphere is heavily studied and the amounts of carbon dioxide we have been releasing into the atmosphere is well understood, undeniable and indeed, excessively large.

To suggest that the rather feeble efforts taking place in only the very last few years to correct this self-destructive behavior... Efforts that are too often halted by resistance from those who deny advanced models, science, experts and decades of evidence and research... is the cause of the effects of Climate change

is utterly beyond disturbing, bewildering, angering and flat out disgusting.

In the entirety of my whole life, I have never seen such an absurd statement ever uttered by a human being.


Yes, after EVERY major ice (like the one we just left 15k years ago) the Earth warms to 22C avg. We haven't figured out why the cycle happens. But it will be many more thousands of years before we get there. All humans can do is hold on.


Let's stick with reliable and factual information:

whooie, I am staying out of this one. :grin:

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