Terminal as start-up app

Hi there.

I wondered if it was possible to add the terminal as a start-up app. Normally I don't do start-up apps, but I want to have the terminal open as fast as possible to try and use it as much as possible, to get a hang of it.

I know I could use a different distro like Arch, but that would be a bit too big of a shock coming from Windows a week ago I think.
So hopefully someone knows the solution for it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Search for "Startup Applications" in the menu, and add a new entry from there. The terminal in ZorinOS Core is called "gnome-terminal" and the full path to the executable is "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal".

The name and comment fields are only labels, you can just put something descriptive there for yourself but the command needs to the exact path to the executable (and any additional flags you want). You can find out about the full path of any executable by typing which <name-of-program> in a terminal window. This can helpful when you need to add more entries here.


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