Terminal Emulators in Zorin Lite

As a new user to Linux, I’m learning how to use the Terminal. The first time I tried to open Terminal from the Apps Menu, it asked me to choose a preferred application, and so I had to randomly pick one. Now that I’ve spent more time looking around, it appears that Zorin comes with 4 different terminal emulators installed (or at least listed separately in the Software Manager).

  1. Terminal Emulator
  2. UXTerm
  3. XTerm
  4. Debian X Terminal Emulator (which isn’t listed in Software Manager, but is shown as an option for Preferred Applications)

No matter which one I launch, the terminal window looks exactly the same. So what’s the difference between these applications. If I’m only using any one, can I remove the other 3?

The default terminal emulator in Zorin Lite is XFCE4-Terminal.
XFCE4-Terminal is dependent on Xterm and Debian X terminal, as it builds from elements in those packages to operate. If, for example, you tried to Uninstall either of those, it would take a lot of your desktop with it. So, no, you cannot remove them; but they are not clogging up a lot of extra space or anything.
Personally, I prefer the XFCE4-Terminal for basic Terminal use and I install it on any desktop I am using that does not come with it. Then I jazz it up with zsh (Z Shell) with word correction and other addons.
You can set your Default Terminal if you have not done so already, by searching “Default apps” in your app menu.