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I really like termius.. I mean it is to me the best ftp sftp terminal program out there. I guess i like the flat clean styles. What can I say. However, I just tried both termius from software and termius-beta as well from snap and basically it starts and you get the black app screen, eventually the -+x show up top right hand corner and then the fan in your machine goes into turbo mode, then you close it and the fan stays running like a banshee.

Uninstalled, had to restart the machine to get fan to stop. Installed Termius-beta and well the same thing happened. Should I attempt installing the debian from the actual website. Thing is that the version on the website is the same in the repo, so not sure it would matter.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

For Termius, black screen on launch usually can be resolved not by installing the Latest Version, but an older version. If trying this, please ensure that you remove the last installed and purge configuration files.

right now one of my biggest issues with linux is knowing what the actual program name is. Like telegram is not telegram but I think it is telegram-desktop or something. Since I uninstalled TERMIUS and I am unsure of the actual name of the installed product was unless I install it again. I don't know what to purge. So I do an autocleanup, update and upgrade and that seems to keep things clean but a purge would be nice. I have to remember that later.

The unfortunate reason I am unsure of the package names is cause I am using the software gui to do my installs, not terminal. I should install synaptic. I think it shows you everything you need to know and probably does a better job at removing stuff.

I will try an earlier version and then dpkg --list, check for the actual name and then do an uninstall and purge.


Use Synaptic Package Manager.
You can click the Search button, then search for the familiar name you know. It will yield all the packages you have installed related to that package.

I just read this after quoting and replying above. :grin:

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