Testing the upgrade option for Zorin OS 16 to 17

I am currently performing the upgrade and will share my experience with everyone when it finishes.

This thread is for community awareness, not to report issues or suggestions to the devs. Please use the Send Feedback About the Zorin OS Upgrader - Zorin OS form to inform the devs of issues or suggestions.


I just tried and everything went smoothly, but it took a while.

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I'm about half way through.... installing the upgrades.

Anything you notice about it that was difficult, uninformative or could improve it?

Again, if you want the devs to hear it please use the feedback link I posted above.

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Nothing remarkable really, there was enough warning that this would take a while, instructions on how to backup important files, the amount of data downloaded (which is great since I don't have the best internet connection) and of course the warning about it being in beta version. This was on a virtual machine though so that may be a factor, but worked nonetheless.

I really like that there was an option for full or minimal installation at the very beginning.

I would like to see it give the option to use an already downloaded iso, but i understand the need to download 19GB. It also is tailored per system... so an iso option may not be feasible.

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I assume that's the Pro version? For Core it's only 3GB.

Now that I'm looking at it again, one thing that bugs me a bit from a UI/UX perspective is that the upgrader window cannot be resized. I'll submit that just in case :smiley:


I did it...It's finished.....Now on 17 Pro via the upgrader.


Now to login with Plasma and see where this goes....loving the rabbit hole.


Had to add the backports-extra repository, but am upgrading plasma to 5.27. This is great!

Didn't have to reinstall anything!

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I just tried the upgrade from 16 to 17 but it told me I had an unofficial DE running ... Cinnamon .... so I deleted it and now it says I'm running 16 Pro so please wait until the official release .....

I really don't want to wait 3-4 months or maybe longer for 17 Pro besides I might just want to try 17 before I purchase it .....

Any suggestions .....

Oh, it won't take anywhere near that long.

The direct upgrade option is about as permanent as a fresh install. A LiveUSB (especially if you use persistence) might be your best option for trying and testing Zorin OS 17.
Zorin OS 17 brings about some interesting new things and changes... I would encourage trying and testing first. Users of applications that do not mesh well with Wayland may find an installed Zorin OS 17 needs more tweaking to match their build style.

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OK thanks I'm back on Lite right now ...... I'll think it over ....

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Any upgrade will have to be done from gnome DE. You won't have to uninstall it. Once the upgrade is done, log into cinnamon and run update again for anything new there.

I messed up my system with the plasma upgrade, but otherwise everything with the upgrader went perfectly fine.... no issues

Of course, attempt this beta version at your own risk.


The default firefox in Z17 is flatpak & in 716 it's apt. Suppose we upgrade 16 to 17 using the upgrader. Now I have a doubt what happens to the 16's apt firefox after the upgrade?

Does it get replaced by the flatpak version or remains the same apt?

It will be replaced by the flatpak if upgrading to 17.
So that is something you may need to address post upgrade.

Is firefox the only exception for the Upgrader? Or other apps gets affected too? (Because as per the Upgrader's documentation it should keep users data and apps)

But there is also the default snap integration in Ubuntu that's why only the apt firefox gets replaced by flatpak in Zorin??

Firefox is currently the only application on Zorin OS 17 that defaults to a non-standard package format.

Snapd is included in Zorin OS 17, but Snap integration is not.

The ZorinGroup opted to default to Flatpak due to the Mozilla Developers pressing very hard for Flatpak and no longer providing as much security support for the APT packaging.
For myself, I won't be bullied into a corner by pushy app developers: I just remove their app and install one I can control instead of them.


I don't have problems with flatpak as long as it doesn't give me any issues. Recently few users have faced issues with flatpak firefox on their end. So I will try the flatpak one (when I upgrade) and see how it's working on my end. If I find a single issue then I will immediately switch to the apt. I'm just waiting for 17-lite to release.


Hopefully Firefox as apt package in future months could be a reality, if what is stated as from the devs in this post, works out:
In the meantime I will stick with Z16.3 whilst it is still maintaned.


None of my installed applications were removed. I didn't explore to see what was installed during the minimal upgrade.

I will be back later with info on whether the flatpak of Firefox was installed. As I use a keyboard shortcut to launch my browser and am using Firefox developer edition, it would not be replaced. VSCode, Codium, R Sudo, Android Studio and Libre Office all were updated to jammy versions, but were not changed from apt packages.

What was installed, remained, in the same package manager as I had initially installed them.


With 337Harvey stating this, I feel quite confident in doing the upgrade now. Was waiting on seeing some good feedback.

I'll most likely wait until I see Aravisians comments for the Lite Upgrade when the time comes.

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