Testing the upgrade option for Zorin OS 16 to 17

Maybe there's hope to revert back to the default repositories:


As soon as I noticed your thread, I am totally following your process in all this. Looks like you've already gone through the process and had an issue upgrading Plasma. Its also interesting that folks are running the upgrader while its in BETA. I understand that the Zorin dev's need feedback somehow, but I don't plan to do this on my main machine as it stands.

Once the upgrade tool is no longer in BETA, and Zorin OS 17 PRO has been released, and nothing is in early release BETA format, I will then consider it. But I still get value out of these posts though, as I get to gauge the direction on how everything is going, and what people's experiences are with both installing and upgrading.

There was only 1 time when I was impatient with Zorin OS, and that was after I got my new computer, and the kernel was 1-version too low, to cause malfunctions with my new computer, so I was in an impatient waiting game, till the dev's upgraded the kernel. Sometimes waiting is the hardest part when you can't even use your machine.

Having said that however, since Zorin OS 16 got updated, I have been able to use my computer just fine for a couple years now, and its been a nearly flawless OS, which I love, and have customized a little bit. Because I am in a solid situation with my machine, this time, I got patience on my side, I can wait for OS 17 to mature before I upgrade.


I understand the reluctance. Frog had shared the sentiment as well. I know zenzen and I are the only two to report any kind of process or result, so far they have been positive.

I'm in the middle of performing the upgrade again on a restored (timeshift) state. This time I'll be doing the backup once the 17 upgrade is finished. Then I'll mess with plasma.

As per most betas from the Zorin Group, it is production ready. What they are looking for is the oddball hardware config or installed application that interferes with the upgrader.

As someone with steam and wine installed, it would be invaluable if you would try (after a backup of course). That is your choice though and I respect your caution.

You get the 6.1 kernel on initial upgrade, but then, after restarting, are updated to the 6.5. This will most likely change on the final release of the upgrader, using the latest updates available.

I don't expect any issues this time either, but again, will share the outcome upon completion.

Good to see you again @StarTreker.


Patiently waiting on those results...lol

And also agree to those sentiments...


I realize that change is difficult, even triggers foreboding. There is no guarantee, even upon full release, that this applications' process won't mess up your system. As Aravisian has described in detail before, this is an intricate process and prone to issues.

Either way, wait or not, you will be faced with one major expense, Time. Other than that, with backups, everything is retrievable.

Your possible issue could resolve things for hundreds of people. Lack of any issue proves their readiness to release as production.

You have lost nothing but write cycles and time. Both of which you will sacrifice either way, even if you don't upgrade at all (you'll still use write cycles in other software and time is fleeting, so... what exactly are you waiting for? )

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It takes a little bit, will be different per person as the hardware and software are different on every machine.

Mine had 19.6GB to download.

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Thanks for the positive comments about my return folks, I appreciate it. Lots of changes have happened in my life, some of them good, some of them bad. Life can be a struggle, but as long as we take life in baby steps, drink delicious coffee, and surf the internet tubes with Zorin OS, life can be manageable.

I actually forgot about my old computer, which I had installed Zorin OS 16 on. Do you folks remember when I did that project? Its on the board somewhere, but I still have the picture of my old computer with Zorin OS 16 running on it.

This is my master control center BTW, you can also see my new computer on the left, as it has a RGB animating light bar on the front of it. The old computer is on the right, has no RGB lighting cause its too old for fancy stuff like that lol.

Anyways, my point in all this, is when the update gets out of BETA, or if I am just board to tears, I could try the updater on the old computer first. Yeah, I know, technically two completely different machines, but I still could gauge how the update went that way too.

For the record, I have literally bought every PRO version of Zorin OS since OS9. I don't have the finances right now, but next month I would like to purchase Zorin OS PRO. I assume once I have my registration key, I can input that into the upgrader APP? And then it would just go ahead and upgrade me to PRO then after that.

Please keep us updated Harvey, I'm locked on your experience post like a kid watching a dramatic scene in a movie, stuffing my face full of popcorn. HEHE I can't wait till next month when I say TAKE MY MONEY, as I make the OS17 PRO order lol.

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When you first start the upgrader tool and choose to upgrade to Zorin 17, you are presented with the email and pro key entry box, which can be skipped. The skip button is at the top right, i believe. Typical gnome style. It's easy to miss though.

After that, you are presented with the minimum or full installation choice dialog.

You could always upgrade to 17 core now, then later, upgrade to 17 pro.

It doesn't have to be all at once. And you would be assisting development in multiple ways.

Hey, a couple things to note. I know I can't speak for other's regarding this but, for me, 19GB is but a pebble of sand dropped, barely disturbing the stillness of a steady lake body of water.

I have a 400MB connection with my ISP provider. When I last tested my connection speed, this was the result.

When downloading games on Steam, I get an average download speed of around 13-Megabytes per second, which is really quite fast, and makes downloading 80GB games palatable.

Additionally, I have an 8-core 16-thread 10th generation CPU, capable of boost clocking to 4.8GH safely, and a whopping 32GB of RAM to process the entire load. So, like I said, 19GB, only but a pebble of sand to disturb the stillness of the water.

Who I feel bad for, are folks who only have 10MB cell phone internet connection speed, and some areas have it worse then that! Those are the folks who I want to give them a hug, because I know the struggle is real. I been there once, and I've also been through worse, when the internet was dial up only, and it took an entire day to download just a 100mb file, and that was if the phone company didn't drop your connection first, which they often did. lol

I'm only getting 1 - 2MB/s where I'm at, cell is worse. That is why it's taking so long.

I long for a GB fiber connection!

This has taken about three to four hours per upgrade.

As I am not able to use the updater yet due to 16 Pro being installed I installed 17 on a thumb drive and tried it with the trial version first but now I have a few questions before I try and install the installed version ....

I did a complete back-up using Rescuezilla ..... I dual boot with Win 10 on a separate drive .... on my drive using Zorin I have 16 Pro and Zorin Lite on it .....

Do I have to split my Zorin drive into a new drive to install 17 in it's own partitions ....

Do I have to put 17 on a totally new drive ..... which I only have 2 in my laptop

Will 17 just insert itself into the partitions I have already set up for 16 Pro and Lite ....

Thanks for any replies ...... depending on my choices I may have further questions .....

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If you want Zorin 17 in its own partition, yes.

If you want Zorin 17 on its own drive, yes.

While the install alongside option may Do this for you, i have seen many issues from using it. Better to prep it manually and use something else method to manually place it.

If you upgrade, you will overwrite your existing installation, without having to remove or reinstall any applications.

If you are trying new, one of the two above methods are the only way to run both. New means reinstalling everything though.

If you go with new, you could, once everything is configured and problem free, delete the Zorin 16 partition, and fill the space with 17 partition.

It's up to you how you want to do it and what you are willing to try.

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Looks Like I will just wait on the Pro version before I screw everything completely up ...... thanks

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Once this is complete, after a reboot, I'll start a backup and drop to terminal so i can list flatpak, snap and apt packages. I'll either screenshot or paste the output into this thread so everyone can see, in pro minimal, what if any packages are added (aside from my software). IDEs, Stacer, cpu_indicator, Evolution, TLP, Firefox Developer Edition, Conky, C Matrix, Slack, Steam and any K apps (dolphin included) are my additions, as well as a few others. If your system doesn't have them, don't worry about it.

It's mainly to see what goes in as any package manager other than apt.

Lost internet connection, have to try again tomorrow.

Awww, ohhhh no! That is no fun, especially since you got so far. Your situation, as well as another talking about their terrible cell internet throttling their connection, is evidence that this country needs its entire infrastructure upgraded to fiber. Far too many people rely on wireless these days, and its really not that reliable.

I remember when I used to use ClearWire, which was before Verizon bought them out, because Verizon runs a monopoly on the cell phone tower infrastructure. My service with Clear was like at best 10MB, but during peek times, I could see it as low as 4MB, which is not enough for 1080P streaming let alone 4K! And the internet was going down all the time with them, which signified, satellite net to towers is just awful.

Since Comcast also runs a monopoly in my area, Verizon Fios can't get over here and lay down fiber line, cause I am sure Comcast has forced legislation to prevent it, AKA paid somebody off in government to disallow anything but Coax under Comcast's regime. Since no option was good, I was forced to return to Comcast, but not TV this time, only internet.

Originally, Performance Plus internet through Comcast was 75MB for the longest time. But then Comcast recently upgraded us to 400MB, and also razed the bill for it too. I guess you could consider 400mb to be low grade fiber speeds, as its not full gigabit. And since the bill went up, I am paying not 102 dollars per month for this more stable and higher speed internet.

Funny thing is, even if my power goes out, if I start up my generator, and plug in my home network, I will have internet still from Comcast. Which means either power is still going where the service note is, or they are running a backup generator, keeping it going, which I appreciate for who much I am paying for the service.

In regards to 4G net from the cell phone towers, well, I get to suffer from the fact that none of the towers around here have a backup generator. Instead they use a battery backup, and that battery only seems to last a couple of hours. It begins to throttle net users, to keep battery power for emergency 911 calls.

If I didn't have my Comcast internet, I would be dead from the stress lol. But then again, there's always playing games on your tablet, phone, or reading a book, if your a book worm lol. But yeah, you gotta get yourself some better net Harvey. I'm there for you man! :hugs:

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I appreciate it. I get 5G cell service, sometimes 5GUC, but the speed get throttled to quick when I hook up the laptop.

I'm dealing the best I can with what I have access to. Maybe in the near future... but not right now.

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If I hold flatpak (apt-mark), will it prevent the installation of flathub software? @zenzen @aravisian @swarfendor437

Prior to the upgrade.

Any regular members that would like to try the upgrader for 16 to 17, please reply your interest. See if we can get a few more testers.


No, it won't. The mark hold command works with APT only.

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