Text is clipped

Here on webbrowser a txt is cut.

I need closed a bookmark to seeing that properly.

It's a Firefox issue? or other browser too? and I wonder is tha't on full screen mode? or in regular mode?
I was opened that video on Chrome and it works well, don't have similar problem like yours.

Regular mode :

Full screen mode :

I trying using software from linux out from the box the webbrowser is Firefox.
I don't using anything like wine, lutris and so on flat or snappak.
I testing linux if i can using like a daily driver. Internet,video,music,some social software. I want to seeing diffrents if it is better.
All time something need click to working correctly.

I think it not related to that's App your mentions.
What about scaling? Check your current Firefox zoom level, make sure it's at default zoom level (100%)
Try open that video again and hit "Ctrl" + "0" (make 100% zoom).
If that not work, try check your monitor scaling, or even current text scaling?

Heres screenshot when I open that video at firefox, it's completely normal here.

Yes. I tried changing that + or - don't help.
This movie what you opened isn't fullscreen.
Check the diffrents on this photo under.

Next question. Why my monitor go sleeping mode when i watching a movie? That is annoying.

Probably because no mouse or keyboard activity. You could try running Caffeine which simulates activity and prevents sleeping. I would tend to watch video's in full screen mode, especially if they have subtitles.


In my country like you seeing mostly movies are english with my txt languages.
It depends what movie you are watching and what a language. Popcorn is popular in linux.

Sorry for that, I'm forgot to click full screen icon, since your screenshot doesn't look like full screen behavior (I mean full screen is entire screen should be "full fill" with the video player it self), so must be no tab indicator where it's appear on your screenshot.

This issue is 100% related to Firefox web browser rather than Zorin OS it self, so Firefox (in this web video player) can't handle video player request for full screen, while it fine in chrome (look at my screenshot on chrome at full screen before).

I repeat it and got same problem here with Firefox when full screen

So this issue is not for text clipped, but for "cannot go to full screen or doesn't full screen properly" at video player on Firefox.

Yes it's may still related to first problem "doesn't full screen properly", since the video player doesn't get full screen properly, so web browser doesn't interacting like fullscreen did in general (on mode full screen active, monitor screen will not trigered to sleep mode).

Ok if I can agreed with yours arguments then why Firefox exist in linux out from the box if chrome can do that and firefox not working correctly. I have headeach use that or that. This will working better or this is working a badly.
I need just simple working things.
Besides everyone beating Chrome kill your privacy.
I am not a "terrorist" - (humoristic a sentence). Many grey people just want using a operating system not to hard to eating.
I bet on windows firefox will working correctly. Then what i must sayed?
Shall we check?
Firefox windows is correctly.

On google with bookmarks the same cutted.

From my perspective it more like about a "bug" at app video player from "filemoon.ex" website that not support Firefox properly.
So don't blame entire ecosystem for it.
I think it may be happen because the developer of website (that make video player) only try the video player app on all major browser (I don't think Firefox is one of major browser out there), or they (dev website) already know this "bug " but just keep ignore it. (considering because Firefox is not major browser).
Even myself does not use Firefox for my daily web browser, you know what I mean?

According to your Firefox on Windows screenshot, No, definitely not "correctly".
There is same bug appear there, even on Chrome on windows have same bug. Check again my Chrome screenshot for full screen behavior.

This world it's not easy as you think. Just pick whatever it "works" to you.
But in term of "works" you may had to try each single thing that you want, until you found "one" that it "works" for you.

Here I was able to "found" way to "FIX" this "bug" for you (just temporary, unless the dev of website fixing the code for real).

Simple, do this following thing when play the video :

  1. Open the page, and click play button like usual.

  2. After "play", don't go to full screen first, but click button "mini player" on right side

  3. Then, go back to "normal mode", by click again button "mini player"

  4. After go back to normal mode, then click full screen icon

  5. Now, you in the right full screen behavior (no browser tab appear here) just the video player full fill the screen

Hope this can fix your problem.

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Thank you @thepegel.

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