Text to Speech

Provide Text to Speech out of the box, a test case could check if Foliate can read a book with it installed.
PicoTTS is good candidate, it only takes a few megabytes and sounds probably better than other open-source engines. The bad part is it lacks many languages.

Maybe one with GUI would be better even at quality cost so that users would be more aware of it.

MyCroft uses Festival iirc, that may be a good one, too.

May I respectfully suggest that you build your own OS. Then you wouldn't need to come to this forum and start thread after thread about all the things you don't like about Zorin. I have lost count of how many threads you have started today. And your insulting comments to one of our moderators who is only volunteering his time is another good reason for you to just go away.


I second this...... Better to leave now so you can save them trouble of banning you

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