Thank you! 🙏

I've never been on a forum where I get responses this fast!

I want to thank everybody active on this forum for the fast responses and for being so kind and helpful to Zorin OS newcomers like me. :pray:


Thank you for your kind words :heavy_heart_exclamation:
It is the people like you gives us an energy to continue on.

Your comment is the greatest reward for us volunteers donating the time to support the OS we believe in its quality :heart_eyes:


I'm a new comer here as well, and I have to admit that this forum is a special place with many thoughtful and considerate people who also have a lot of knowledge and a willingness to help.

You don't always find this combination with many distros/communities and to me it is a big factor in deciding which distro I decide to go with.

It's also good that people (like yourself) acknowledge and highlight this fact because there are many hard working people behind the scenes trying to foster this objective and recognizing this also tends to perpetuate an environment that desires to maintain this higher level of professionalism, courtesy and community.


I wish we had more members who were nice as you with that level of appreciation. Its so uncommon, that it is worth mentioning our appreciation for your kind words. So, please consider yourself positively stellar :star2:


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