The borders of the apps in Software Center are too conspicuous

For my taste the Software Center need a little bit of redesign, it look somewhat old. I think if the gray borderline of the app icons are removed it would look more modern.

I didnt change the screenshot:

Yes and remove the borders that show a clickable button and then someone else will post saying they think there should be borders so that it would look more modern.
It's a no-win situation trying to meet whatever vague standard of what "modern" is.


Think this is Feedback not Customisation, but what would I know.

Yes agree. "modern" :thinking: ...that was so yesterday. hehe


crazy lady GIF

If you want modern, these crazy karrens are all the craze these days. Could you imagine, if these low IQ folks were actually technology, our circuit boards would be melting down like Gigabyte power supplies.

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