The problem with the Mainmenu in Zorin

The Zorin mainmenu/startmenu has a problem that is very annoying yet very fixable. As can be seen in the screenshot below, if the mouse enters the red zone, the mainmenu closes.

This is a problem if somebody wants to open any applications they have to be very careful to not enter the red area. In the screenshot below, a worst case scenario can be seen.

For example when clicking any of these buttons, the most natural motion is to move the mouse in a straight line to the buttons. But, the mainmenu will get closed.
For the next versions of Zorin, please fix this issue that the mainmenu will not get closed prematurely.


I have noticed this in the past as well as recently on the Zorin 16 Beta. Others have pointed it out as well.
It can get quite frustrating working the menu over and over...


Thanks for reporting this issue! We have recently fixed it in the latest software updates in the Zorin OS 16 Beta.


That issue has been happening since Zorin OS 12 as far as I can remember! And you are right, its very annoying. I just dealt with it and didn't make a fuss. But its good that we have fine folks like yourself, who are not afraid to shake the tree sometimes, to wake up the sleepy one in the branches.

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