The Real Reason I Changed to Zorin Pro

I have been a user of Linux Mint for many years, so why change my primary OS now? Sometimes it’s just the feeling you get when everything works like it should. . .

My experience with Linux Mint was very good so don’t think I’m bad mouthing it. Yes, I did have a few problems from time to time that I needed help with but I’m sure it was mostly my fault and not the OS. The feature I was looking for was community support!

A larger community, as with Linux Mint, usually means that your problem will be addressed faster and that the issue you face has already been discussed or resolved in the forum. My last few problems with Linux Mint was explained in the forum but a solution never addressed. Not one reply after over 60 members read my issues so I started looking for a new OS with real support that cared.

Well, after downloading and working with many Linux OS’s I found Zorin to be a good candidate. It ran on my computer without any problems at all. When I did find something I didn’t understand, I posted to the Zorin Forum and within a few minutes someone was there to help!

Guys, this impressed me the most – community Support that worked. My hat goes off to the developers but just as much to the support everyone offers in the forum. There is a real team here and I congratulate all on a wonderful product! Thanks . . .


Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers!
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The main reason I switched is that the software I needed doesn't work well on Windows 7 and works well on Windows 10 and Linux. I just switch to Linux because my computer is very slow, and it would take all my ram.


Welcome to the family Joe!

Your heart is in the right place, looking for community, well you found it. We have over 100-posts per day happening on this forum, its like an interstate highway lol.


:beers: Here here! Cheers and welcome. Congrats on your switch and kudos for going pro and helping the developers. Hope to see you around the forums some more!


Linux mint has alot of bugs (at least when i was on mint 17.x). The community was not much help either. They always blamed your hardware. Last time i asked something there about a theme i used some random guy post a image with marks how things are named in the linux era. I called it the "taskbar" and he wanted to change me because it's named "panel" in linux. They always talk around things and are not much of a help.

For proof -> Theme/taskbar - Linux Mint Forums

He does not even read my post in post 1 ... just hanging around being a smart guy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really ??? i am not surprised :sweat_smile:

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