The slow Ubuntu base upgrades in Zorin OS

Hey people.
So, i have used Zorin OS 16 for quite a bit now and it is really a great entry point for former Windows 10/11 users like me, with really great features like Zorin Connect and the different desktop layout.

Now i'm just annoyed about one single thing: The update policy.

Zorin OS, it seems like for at least Version 15, always lags a whole year behind the latest Ubuntu LTS release, while the Ubuntu flavors and pop!_OS updates to it within a month. While it is not always something big that is within the Ubuntu updates, 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish has a lot of new stuff i'd like to see in Zorin OS, but i really don't want to wait until August/September 2023 (!) for it.

Maybe i'm too harsh, especially since i don't know how big the team behind Zorin OS is and how they work, but...this is my initial thought on that. I really want to keep using it, but i don't want to lag behind others in that regard. Also i don't know if someone already talked about it in the forum, since i'm pretty new here.

Maybe someone can elaborate at bit on that, so i can understand why it is like that.

Otherwise - great job so far, i hope for a bigger recognition in the tech world for Zorin OS.


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Like many Ubuntu based disrtos , Zorin is based on the long term support (LTS) versions of Ubuntu for stability. Zorin 16 is based on 20.04 which will be alive and well for 3+ more years.

If you want cutting edge software or the latest kernel there are a number of Linux rolling releases that will provide this though many are not recommended for beginners and can be unstable.

Ubuntu 22.04 though having the latest version of Gnome is built for stability . Ubuntu also has a different vision for their flagship desktop.


Just out of curiosity - what is it you are looking forward to in 22.04? I briefly scanned the changelog and couldn't find anything super exciting for me... But I haven't really looked at it in detail.


It is mainly for the latest GNOME version and also just having the latest version of something. Just...feels better for me. I'm probably too used to Windows having frequent updates. :sweat_smile:

Windows goes many years between such major releases, actually. You just get lots of updates frequently as point-release updates.
In Zorin OS - you get the same. Your post implied that Zorin OS is getting fewer or less updates than other Distros. This is not the case. I have been getting the regular updates - on schedule.
Zorin OS is not lagging behind any other Ubuntu Based Distros. In fact, it has leapt ahead, using a later kernel, first.
While you may check your Updater Settings... I am not sure what gave you the impression Zorin OS lags behind.
No Distro based on Ubuntu 21.04 will get the Ubuntu 22.04 updates.

Some people do get an emotional charge out of having the unstable packages. It sounds like you are a good candidate for a Rolling Release Distro like Arch Linux.
Such Linux users are quite useful for their feedback and testing on the unstable branches.

The ZorinGroup consists of two people: Artyom and Kyrill Zorin.
Even so... They are pretty on the ball...


Isn't Windows once a month update? I usually update Zorin OS weekly.


Usually including Windows-specific additions, marketing and monitoring - if you look closely.
They also can include security fixes, bug-fixes, patches, etc.
Zorin OS Updates includes security / bug fixes, as well. That's just the nature of modern computing.

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Zorin, as mentioned above is based on 20.04LTS for stability and compatibility, as 20.04 will be maintained for another 3 years its likely that v17 will be 20.04 based as well, and Probably v18 will be 22.04 based.

If you absolutely want to try the latest 22.04, You can try and force an upgrade, after making backups
Change /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to lts
then run
sudo do-release-upgrade -d

:warning: I did this on Pro Lite and it broke the XFCE desktop by forcing it to wayland. and I had to reimage my laptop rolling back broke libraries ~ might be different on the Core/Pro but do this at your own risk (works for me in vbox vm, but wayland is disabled in vm's) :warning:

No, actually, Full edition releases (not point releases) always rely on the next (or possibly later) LTS release in the line. Since Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, then Z 17 will likely be based on 21.04. It is possible that the ZorinGroup may decide to base it on 22.04 based on the latest feedback from users asking frequent questions about the latest and greatest.. But I would consider that is highly unlikely, even if within the realm of possibility.
This is primarily due to the ZorinGroup relying on Stability first and foremost.
The ZorinGroup is composed of Two developers and chasing after the issues of Unstable Packages and Repositories is likely too much work for the team to handle.

This will break Zorin OS. While it may sometimes be possible to do, it must be done with great care and with the Full Knowledge that you not only may break things, you may break things irreparably.
The Forum Position on this is...


Instead, a person can dual boot Ubuntu 22.04 or use Ubuntu 22.04 in a virtual environment.


@Aravisian Thanks for the insight on the possible future releases, and I did use warning emojis and point out i broke my laptop install :slight_smile: so the release upgrade is always at ones own risk.

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True - I did worry that I was coming across a little harsh there...

But from my point of view, I have been on this end of the forum trying to help users that tried that out in the past.
To disastrous results.

I have also performed this maneuver... and I did one time privately walk a forum member through how to safely upgrade Zorin OS to the next Ubuntu Release in the line, then resinstall the Zorin Apps and items... I only did that that one time because their computer and circumstances necessitated the action; but kept it behind closed doors to prevent over-eager users from trying it all out and reporting their regrets... vehemently.

You weren't harsh at all, and I understand from the support, and forum moderation side that this isn't something that can be supported. I'll keep future support, and current standards in mind when giving advice in the future as well

Just wondering whether the Rolling Rhino package from Ubuntu would work with Zorin?

I think you can either download an ISO or the package for your current Linux distribution.

I strongly suspect that it would cause dependency conflicts, given that it replaces the Ubuntu Repo's with the devel Repo's.