The worst of bugs/glitches

I really hate when those bugs/glitches occur and I don't have any idea at all on how to reproduce them again to screenshot or record them to give more details and proofs to developers. Good thing that I like taking screenshots (maybe too often :face_with_diagonal_mouth:) so I know what I'm saying. For example, this :point_down: happened while organizing Applications, the shortcut stopped there.

And this :point_down: instead I don't remember, probably I just opened the activity overview or closed another window.

Proprely wayland bug. Try switch to X11 and see if it persist.

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Both happened when I was still using X11 and also I can't reproduce them, I don't know how I did them exactly. I won't spend a whole afternoon dragging around shortcuts and opening the activities overview continuously like a desperate :computer::tired_face:.

I too felt some sort of instability when organizing mine, such as difficulty scrolling to other pages by holding down shortcuts and creating folders by dragging one shortcut to another, sometimes not applying the corresponding action immediately. I had to move the cursor away and put it back where I wanted it to finish organizing in a reasonable time :unamused::clock3::smile:.

If you are talking about the new Zorin OS, bugs and glitches are to be expected.
My preference is to stay one step behind the latest OS.
When things are sorted I will then move on.
New software is tested by people like us.
I use a VM for that.

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The first one happened to me on both, Zorin 16 and 17 a few times, along with some other bugs, like the name of the program being on the second line of text for one single program, leaving a weird space between the icon and the text.

I have never seen the second one before.

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