[Theme] Cold Metal -->RELEASED <--

50% of the mimetype icons is done. I'm planning to release this theme at the same time with "I Little Pony".

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The icon set is done. The GTK/Gnome-shell theme is done. :slight_smile:

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I have decided to upload the theme suite later today (after work). So stay tuned...

Cold Metal Theme Suite is now released!!!!

Get it here:
Icon theme



I just download the file and when I tried to run Extract in my right mouse menu it is now missing .... so I choose Open and read all the choices but no Extract selection is there ..... and nothing else looks like it will extract the file ..... :face_holding_back_tears:

See if you have an Archiver installed
This may relate to your recent troubles reinstalling the Zorin Desktop...

sudo apt install file-roller

I prefer Xarchiver

sudo apt install -y xarchiver

Thank you sir that worked just fine ..... I downloaded both but Xarchiver worked .... didn't see File-roller in the selection anywhere .....

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Gnome wants to be just like Microsoft, so in spite of the package name, seets the visible name to some Dumbed Down name, like MS Money, MS Word and so forth...
File-roller in the app menu is called "Archive Manager" because we are all way too dumb to handle remembering package names (Even though we remember them for Gimp and Blender and Cheese and Minehunt and Vivaldi and so forth... Maybe we are not too dumb after-all but Gnome and Microsoft want us to be.)

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Thanks Storm I like it gonna keep this icon set for a while .... works fantastic with Aravisian's moebius theme or at least I think it does and I guess that is all that matters .... :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup I hear that .... it is a lot easier to control people if you don't give them choices and it makes your job a whole lot simpler cause you ain't gotta answer questions .... either do it my way or the highway .....

So gnome wanna doing from us idiots or just stealing ideas, to be creativity and we must believe. That is wonderfull but just only dumb gnome.

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