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I'm curious about Zorin OS but I am pretty wedded to Mate desktop. Since the Pro version of the system has mention of premium themes, I was wondering if there were any that were good enough to replace my current Ubuntu-Mate system with the application of a premium theme? Could anyone tell me what the options are? Thanks.

The Themes in Zorin OS are the same in all editions. Pro contains additional layouts which can resemble WIndows or Mac.

But you can install Mate Desktop on Zorin OS without any conflicts or trouble. In fact, I have Mate installed on my build now, for testing purposes.

So there are no layouts that resemble Mate or Gnome 2.x? I see.

Yes, I understand that from some of the threads I've seen. But doesn't doing that basically remove most of what makes Zorin, Zorin? I was hoping for a layout since this would mean I'd have the look and feel I prefer while also gaining advantages of having wayland available, such as being able to use Waydroid. Otherwise there doesn't seem to be much point in moving to a different distro for me.

Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate your time.

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Some of the differences between Gnome 3x and Gnome 2x are quite specific to workflow and appearance. It is for this very reason that Mate exists at all - to maintain the Gnome2 differences sine Gnome 3 works its own way.

But if you can describe your specifics that you want, perhaps users here can help you to recreate some of them - at least in getting "close enough"...

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