There are no details for this application

How many times did you see this notification when clicking Show details on an installed software? Me countless :triumph:, online or offline doesn't change the result. And of course the installed software still exists on Software Center. Moreover that notification doesn't disappear by itself :expressionless:.

This is dependent on whether the package maintainer included Details in Description.


It only does it for me when I click show details on say a deb app.

I know, it's kinda annoying. I hope they change this in a future update.

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Maybe preventing Software Center from opening and simply showing that notification, but that this time disappears after some seconds :smirk:

You mean inside the game package itself, right? Because till now every software that I installed had a description (maybe even short and not so... descriptive :rofl:, some were quite vague) and their details. I thought that it was Zorin OS that by default opens the selected game page on Software Center, maybe memorized after installation, but if you say that this is something up to the game developer I understand that the problem can happen on certain games :+1:.

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