There is a Block signal flicking in my monitor

So, i recently install Zorin 16 (upgrade from core 15.3), and when i started, a block signal start to flicking.

The signal

Is weird because, it first stop when I connect my phone, but, like 5 minutes later it start again. Then i disconnect my USB, i work for a minute. Other things to mention, it stop when a youtube video play, in my phone or laptop, or when I tab ctrl or alt; automatically play videos that I put pause, and anything like the left click or extensions menus disappear With his presence.

If there's anything else that i need to add tell me.

The file you shared is marked as private - we cannot access it.
It may be helpful as I am not sure what you mean by a block signal flickering on the monitor.

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This work?

Yes. Hmmm... That's pretty generic. I have seen that on Zorin OS core when a keyboard shortcut is pressed for which either the program is missing or the command is incorrect...

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What do i do?

Is this always happening since you Installed Zorin?

Does it do it on its own without you doing anything? Does it only happen while you are typing?
Does it only happen during keypresses? Does it happen when only Mouse is being used?
have you installed any extensions?
Are you using a Notebook Computer (laptop) or a Tower PC?

  1. Yes, it stop only when there's a video playing, in my laptop or phone (with Zorin connect)
  2. On its own, typing or not
  3. What i said before, and I try turn off the touchpad, and it broke, I has to turn off and on my computer because I could only move my mouse; and when it start again stay the same.
  4. In my PC nothing
    In my browser: Ublock, Zorin Connect, I don't care about cookies, SimpleLogin and Dark Raider.
  5. I'm using a note lenovo 320 15isk.

Can you please try:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop gnome-tweaks

Once completed:

  • Launch gnome tweaks (tweaks) from the app menu
  • Move to the extensions tab
  • disable ALL gnome extensions

Log out, then back in and test if the flickering icon is still present.



What's now?

Many many thanks


Re-enable all extensions using gnome-tweaks and testing if the Icon Flashing returns.
If it does, you know which extension is causing the problem and can disable that extension (the last one you enabled when the flashing icon returns).
If it does not return with all extensions enabled, then the re installation of the Zorin OS Desktop that you did earlier has solved the issue.

A point: Reinstalling the Zorin OS desktop as you did above also reinstalls all the extensions. So reinstalling the troublesome extension is not likely to work (it might, though... Gnome extensions are funny...)


For now, nothing happen, but I'm scared.

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It work thanks

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There's no need to be... when you learn what to do.:wink:


There are frequently issues with extensions, causing problems with the gpu and/or sound.


Hey, it doesn't go out

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I take that to mean it is confirmed as solved?

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no, it's not solved. Unfortunately

Had you re-enabled all the extensions?

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yes, and the reinstall command

Were you able to narrow down Which extension was causing it?
May need to remove that extension entirely...

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