Thinkpad X1 Gen 3

Has anyone installed Zorin on a Thinkpad X1 Gen 3? I just picked one of these up on deep discount and I refuse to turn it on until I get Linux installed. I've been going over different distros and thought maybe Zorin would fit the bill. Is it possible to get a pin login rather than typing out a password? I want to be able to lock it and not have to type in a long password to open it again.

Just make your password a PIN.

That's what I do.

Many people have installed Zorin OS on Thinkpads - I have not done so... But I have answered a lot of questions about Thinkpads...

you can just use numbers as your password, lol

also, with Thinkpads, you really don't have to worry that things wont work properly when running Linux, some Thinkpads are even sold with Linux :slight_smile:

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I do that too... An easy 6-number pattern. It is really annoying to type in a long password when you sudo so many times a day.

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