Thunderbird doesn't see location of mail until I go to Files and click on drive

I have Thunderbird mail Message Storage on a shared drive between Windows 11 and Zorin on my dual boot system.

When I restart the system and go into Thunderbird, consistently Thunderbird doesn't see the Message Storage. I have to go to Files, and click on the drive and then go back into Thunderbird to see it.

Is there a setting to wake up the drives when Zorin comes up?

And now I've discovered corruption when I switched back to Windows and opened Thunderbird. Some emails corrupted, and/or missing. Same message storage file. So something screwed it up, and I'll stop doing that.

I'll just stick with Windows/Thunderbird. Also got some corruption in Libreoffice files I opened and made sure I saved with Office 365 xslx format, but when opened in Excel on Windows, file was corrupted. Don't know what's up with that, but I'll stick with only editing those files in Windows.

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