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Time to eat soap and admit I'm an idiot

Now that I have clarity from your inputs, I'll purchase another license for 16 and problem solved.

Thanks again everyone.

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You should always save your purchase emails, especially when there is download links in them. And because losing the registration number is NOT an option, especially since you need it for support, is the reason why I print them out. I also save a copy in a document file, that I store alongside the ISO file, which I save on my NAS storage.

Also, in the future, when it comes to moving and packing boxes for the move, its prudent to put stuff like computer stuff in a box and label it computer stuff. This way there is no question as to where your flash drive is, you will know, cause you know what box you packed it in.

Anyways, good luck to you! And, I am really excited by the fact you got a Framework Notebook, I am super stoked about that. I am really hoping that you bless us with delicious content on that puppy.

Agreed with each point. I'm in the process of downloading my new purchase. I've been in systems, infrastructure, and development since 88. I started running BBS sites, developing shareware, then started writing AV Software for John McAfee, databases, web dev, etc. When I retired in 2014 I was designing, developing, implementing and documenting data centers. In between I did everything from switch management (both IOS and JUNOS), component development, large process storage systems (most recently NetApp). So I clearly understand the value of protecting digital purchases, and associated paperwork (licenses, et al). Unfortunately, or otherwise, from the time we listed our house to the time we were packed and on the road was 38 days, so many of my standard practices fell by the wayside in lieu of expediency.

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I appreciate the explanation. Piggies unite! :grin:

I fully understand the situation.
I moved back and force more than 20 times, crossing the Pacific Ocean 2 times and the Atlantic Ocean 1 time.
Things can get lost easily in such big moves.

At least, for the digital front, it is now getting easier to keep my emails on the server side. As long as I do not forget the master password for my KeeePass :wink:

I've not gone that way yet, relative to a pwd aggregator; trust. I thought about writing my own, but where would you put it and insure its integrity from prying eyes?

I've lived in Guam and Okinawa, so I know the challenges of very long distance moves. While that was with the service, it is no less difficult. Since I got married we've lived in Montana, to North Dakota, to Colorado, to Florida, to Utah and now Florida. This does not include our family moves as a kid back and forth from CA to FL three times.

I'll try to find a thread that includes the Zorin to Frame.Work experience, and post my challenges and successes. If not I'll jump on a distro thread and post accordingly.


I was originally from Japan :japan:
You can write up your experience in Lounge area (for Level 3 and up members) or Chat area.
I think I misunderstood your question.
I saw you created a new thread under Installation - that is the correct place.

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