Timeshift + Duplicity (Deja-Dup) combo

Hi everybody.
I'd like to:

  1. have automatic timeshift snapshots on my main drive every time I run an apt operation
  2. be able to boot to a previous snapshot on the GRUB
  3. Have the aforementioned timeshift snapshot being deleted. (If there are more than three, delete the oldest.)
  4. Back up (I'll do it manually) on the Deja-Dup app my ~

Can I do these things? Will dejadup conflict with timeshift?
And how should I setup Timeshift to achieve these goals?
I selected 'RSYNC' because btrfs-tools were unavailable on my setup. Is it right?
Have a nice day.

ah umm... I would consider this overkill...

Timeshift has the option in its settings to limit how many snapshots are saved.

I do not think it will conflict, but it is a little bit redundant. As long as you are saving Timeshift snapshots in a different location than dejadup, it should be fine.


Usually Timeshift is used for system file backups, and from my experience, you can't access the backups from Grub. You can get to the backups from a command line, or the GUI if it's still available. It's a good idea to do a trial run one day so you know how.

Deja-Dup is typically used for home folder backups, to be able to restore user files.
Again, practice a restore to make sure you are comfortable doing it.

And don't forget to have an offsite backup of your files in case of an extreme event.

Hopefully, you'll never need to use these!

Thank you for the solutions! I will think about it and update you.

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