Timeshift snapshots not visible


I am on latest 17 beta, installed Timeshift from Zorin store, and when I want to take snapshot (Ext4) it is done, but it is not visible in Timeshift.
so no point of it..

any clue why ? thanks

Hi, your screenshot indicates that things haven't been set up yet or correctly. When saving to same HDD I have separate partition for /home and store snapshots there. You might want to make a separate partition on the drive just for Timeshift. I would shrink your Zorin partition using Gparted that gets removed after install. Also just to point out that Timeshift does not include your /home folder by default, you have to checkmark this option to save your /home folder as well as system files.

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I have separate / and /home partitions, all ext4. I set location for snapshots /home partition

Screenshot from 2023-12-17 12-42-36

Did you setup a schedule? What happens when you select 'Create Snapshot'?

Yes, everything is setup like I did before on Ubuntu.

When I click create , it just finish it. But it is not showed in snapshots

Is it a quick finish? I know whilst not using an SSD, when I create a snapshot it takes some time to gather all the data. I would try and reinstall Timeshift, but not from the Software store. There have been issues with flatpak and snapd. I would remove the one you have installed and download Timeshift using commands here:

Having done some more research, the author has archived his ppa as apparently Linux Mint are maintaining Timeshift so may mean installing an LM repository to install it. Help and input from others here would be appreciated.

Ok, I think I found the reason why it is not working.

Timeshift from Zorin store is the one with version 21.09.1 from this link. But this one is old and without development.

Latest one ,active one is from Linux Mint. So I used the latest version from Mint , link is here , which is version 23.12.1 and it is working perfect on zorin 17

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Thanks for getting the solution. It will also help others too. Great job!

I hope that Zorin team will see this, and change it , set it by default :slight_smile:

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