Touchpad gestures maybe?

So, Windows and MacOS already have a feature that allows for different actions to be performed using gestures on a touchpad (excluding scrolling). For example, when you swipe up with three fingers, you would see the activities overview. I would like to see that in Zorin. It would make traversal around the operating system much faster!

Don't know if it would work for you but:

That was just an example. I was saying gestures for other actions as well.

I was pointing to fusuma! (no pun intended)

The page gets truncated - click on 'show original'

This helps a little bit. But there should also be shortcuts for quickly switching between apps (swiping left or right with three fingers).

I think there is mention in there on how to program different swipes!

Yeah, but those require keyboard shortcuts and I'm not sure if there is one for quickly switching between apps. Or at least the last time I looked in Zorin's keyboard settings...

Zorin OS 16 already comes pre-loaded with multi-touch gestures enabled out of the box, which you can learn more about here:

If you wish to customize these gestures, you can do so using an app called Touché which you can install from the Software store.

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Thanks for this, but I've already followed @swarfendor437 's suggestion and modified a few things on it. (I'm not sure I'm explaining myself correctly).

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