Transfer personal data to a new installation

I want do formation in my PC, I have a ssd and want to remove the system hd, but i don't want lose my files, then how I do this?

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You need to get a SATA to USB connector to connect the original HDD as an external disk. You can copy your personal data from this external disk.
This is what I use:

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I just upload all my stuff at google drive, then after I formatted the drive I just download it and put it back where it is. You can also write it to a USB. I think Zorin Os 16 Core also comes with a backup tool that lets u save the files to your Gdrive or USB, this backup tool is meant to store user data so don't copy anything from root folder.

I think OP wants to install Zorin on new SSD. Not on the same disk.

In this case, it is much simple to copy from the original disk rather than moving a data to another location. Mistakes can happen during moving/copying data.

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