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Transitioning From Windows 8.1 To Linux- Experienced Users Required! (Updated, Check Replies)

@Aravisian OK, I did edit my comment above real quick based on the options found on the site cause I'm not sure if the regular version can downloaded instead of the beta version...

I actually cannot find any other version...

OK. Well, thanks anyway. :confused:

I went ahead and installed it and checked... everything seemed fine. Except for the bits in Russian that I could not understand...
I wonder if this is the same beta package that is out there for Ubuntu 16.04, too.:expressionless:

No pressure, but I would appreciate if you could confirm for me. Unfortunately, I don't know Russian, so... :man_shrugging: :laughing:

I would need to unwrap and dissect the packages... The packages do not seem to carry package versions...

@Aravisian Just take your time & be thorough. I'll wait patiently on you. :slight_smile:

Package: yandex-browser-beta
Architecture: amd64

It is newer. But the package for Ubuntu 16.04 also says beta. They all do.
I dunno.

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