Trash Bin not opening in Nemo file exporer


zorin os 17

i am using mac os layout with nemo file explorer cuz it has dual panel mode.

my problem is - each time i open the trash bin (dock icon) to empty the trash and close the seems the trash bin doesn't close itself completely...cuz i can see the trash icon buffering continuously (on top left menu, beside Zorin logo). when i try to open the trash bin (dock icon), the trash bin won't open and the buffering keep's continuing on top menu (next to zorin logo)...

this happens all the time & each time with the trash bin....and so i have to log out and re-login to clear the situation... very irritating at times...

attaching small clip as reference...

i don't know what's causing this to happen...or, is it because i am using nemo file manager ?...

pls resolve this asap...thanks


Hi, looks like it could be a Nemo issue, but also check for corrupt files, hard drive health status as per this LM thread:

That icon is a launcher. Where is it pointing to?

Did you set Nemo as your Default File Manager?

yes, i have set nemo as default file manager..and the trash dock icon launcher points to nemo after opening...well, the dock icon doesn't open the second time after clearing the trash, and on top (next to zorin logo), i can see the trash process buffering...

lately, i have added "trash" bin to my desktop from -
zorin appearance>desktop>trash.... and this desktop icon work good and normal...

but my concern now is- 2 trash icons visible on my desktop.....i hope the dock icon
trash launcher gets fixed soon.....


What is the terminal output for

nemo --version

Are you using Samba for Zorin / Windows file access?

If the answer to the above is no, then you may have a corrupted file in trash that is causing the problem. To resolve, run

rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/files

Reboot, then test opening trash folder in Nemo.

nemo version - 5.2.4

No. i am not using samba for any file access.

I ran the command & rebooted as advised...the result is the same.....sorry..
but, the desktop icon works normal.

Is there a way to get rid of dock trash icon in macos layout....

thanks for your help !!