Tried a lot of Distro's but Zorin beats them all

thought I'd say hello and let you know that Zorin it a great distro. Have been trying a lot of them but Zorin is my drive.


The best part of the Feedback forum is the number of Positive replies it gets. It's not just a long list of complaints.

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Hi @testuser, Glad you found your distro :sunglasses:. always a linux user or are you coming from Windows ?

I have no complains what so ever, I'm trying the Zorin Forum on my Virtualbox while using Android X86_64 and thought next time I will do the real driving, and let you all know how it really goes down the road. :smiley:

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But why does that other user have a guard sign and you don't
is he the janitor??


He is the forum knight :wink:. When something is wrong in a topic he will use his sword and shield to protect and defend it.

Or mop.


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