Trouble letting a Bottle have writing access one of my mounted drives

Hello, I'm trying to have a Bottle write to a mounted ext4-formatted drive (single partition, used for storage of sample libraries), but I can't get it to work.

In the bottle, the application (EastWest Installation Center, a program to download + install virtual instrument sample libraries) says it can't write to the folder specified.

I managed to write from my 'default' wine prefix to this particular folder without issue, but somehow I can't achieve the same for bottles (which I need because my 'default' wine can't handle the software installation for some reason).

Any ideas? I'm ready otherwise to just put the content inside the bottle, but I'd like to keep all my virtual instrumenbt sample libraries (they're huge) on a particular disk (4 TB)...

[EDIT: previous version of post mentioned me trying to grant 'Others' writing access, which however does not seem to be necessary when I compare vs the folders inside the Bottle which have the same access rights as that drive. So the problem must be somewhere else.]

I think I resolved by using Flatseal to grant permissions, but there was also an issue with the path set itself in the Bottle, it was some very weird looking /.var/run[..] link instead of a simple /media/[...] one. Don't know how that happened, but I re-mapped the drive and now everything works. :slight_smile:

Thats normal, since every flatpak app is sandboxed, any directory you gave it access gets mounted in a directory that has been created for this specific app.

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