Troubles with Wine

i'm new to Zorin, only switching from Windows 10 in October. Wine seems to have never worked right. I have one driver that needs to use it, an Epson Scanner, but Wine stays open for about a second and then closes again. I can't configure it in any way. And yes, the same thing happens when I click on "configure Wine."

What do I need to get this to work? And almost as important, what does it look like when its working?

What application do you use in Wine?
Have you researched how, and if, you can do it nativity in Linux?
What are you trying to achieve and we can help with a solution to your goal?

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Also, how did you install Wine? We may need to go step by step and reinstall it to ensure everything is working.

Further to @Aravisian question. Do you have Windows App Support installed?
(I do not know if that is bundled as standard in Pro edition or not).
You can find Windows App Support listed in the Zorin Software Store.
That gives you Play-on-Linux as well as Wine to try.

Also be good to know what Windows app you are trying to use in Wine?

The first thing I tried was to get my Epson scanner working. However, what is most frustrating is in relation to gaming, to try to find out to what degree Steam's Proton depends on it, and if so, how should I configure it. What can I try when Wine closes immediately? I can get into it if I go through configuration. I see that it looks a lot like Windows 95, which doesn't inspire confidence. Like Windows 95, all of the tab menus give configuration options that seem unrelated to the actual issue: it doesn't stay open.


Sorry for the delay. I have a lot going on. I installed Wine from the huge menu of apps. For right now, though, I have bigger problems with Zorin. I've got to restore my OS partition first.

I misunderstood: I thought Wine was Windows app support. For that reason alone, I doubt I installed it. At least I know now WAS is one of a huge list of packages. I have Synapsis, which should come in handy, once I get my OS partition working again. It might sound like a disaster now, but I'm determined to learn everything about Zorin.

Be patient, please. I have several issues happening at once. I just figured out what "apt" means. If it weren't for search engines, I'd be completely lost.

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