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Troubleshoot WiFi

Okay. I'll have a look at it.

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Sorry for the delay. Does your problem solve?

Yes, only his speeds are way lower.

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You can restart your laptop and network providing device, maybe that can increase speed.
If still not working then you can follow the below video of speeding up the network speed.

(Not sure that above video will work)

In the video it says 'eth0'. Should I instead replace it with my wlan0?

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does restart does not solve your problem?
Sorry, except this I don't know any other way to speed up your network.
You can ask other members or wait for someone expert in networks to see this topic.

Restart your router once a month. Check the lease time for addresses (usually 24 hours). Check the qos (quality of service) controls. If you want you can prioritize your laptop using qos (by Mac address) so others' streaming/ gaming doesn't slow you down.

Also check your routers dns configuration (don't use the isp's... go with either Google or cloudflare)

Have you disabled the network manager service?

Also, disable power optimizations for pci while plugged in... prefer performance. Tlp?


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