Troubleshooting Double Display setup and/or Drivers

Hi, I am having a tough time setting up Zorin 17 Pro with my 2 display drivers in my laptop, a Thinkpad P51 with a GPU Quadro M2200. I have the following setup. The primary laptop display has 3840x2160 resolution using 150% scale so that I get to see the icons in the desktop. I have just installed a secondary LCD monitor that has supposedly a resolution of 2560x1600, so roughly the external monitor has around 60% of the main display resolution. Since I have a Nvidia GPU I figured I could have fractional scaling setup.
My problems come from 2 items:

  1. on the external monitor, it seems I can not set the resolution right, I move things to the external monitor and they look huge, like if I had the monitor at 1080 (1/3 of the main display) and it seems there are areas where I can move objects that are outside the field of vision of the second monitor, which should not happen, as far as I am concerned. I have changed multiple times the resolution in that secondary monitor and it does not seem to change anything. I am guessing is a driver issue.

  2. I installed originally zorin 16 pro and upgraded to 17Pro. I never chose any special graphical setup, so I am guessing I am on the "stock" graphics environment. Is there a way that I could make sure I have the best possible driver or graphics engine setup for this Nvidia enabled Laptop? I do not see anywhere in the display configuration an option or information about whether is using X11 or any other engine.

  3. I used to have setup the laptop with 4 virtual desktops which I could switch very easy. Since I connected the external monitor this became a mess:
    a) all applications I start open up in the external monitor, and because some items might fall outside the external monitor vision field, it is hard to manipulate. How can I force all new applications to open up only in the main display?

    b) The workspaces became a mess, the "hot corner" only works in the external monitor and because of the resolution problem I mentioned, the workspaces show all maxed out and you can not really choose anything.

Any suggestions as of how to reset the whole thing or how to improve this setting? The second monitor is supposed to help improve things and right now its not working that way.

Any advice is well appreciated.

Best regards,

Update: It seems to have improved, at least on the maxed out issue as I de-activated the Fractional scaling on both monitors.

Deactivate Fractional Scaling would be a Suggestion from me, too. To look what Nvidia Driver You have installed, You could look in Software & Updates and there on the Tab ''Additional Drivers''.

To look if You have run Xorg or Wayland open the Settings an go to the Info Tab (the last Tab) and there You have some System Stats and there is You running Window Manager, too.

Another Place would be the Login Screen. Click there on Your Profile so that the Password field appears. It must be appeared! Then You should see in the bottom right corner a Gear Icon. Click on it. And there You see the Options. The active One is marked with a Dot.