Troubleshooting with dual monitor

Sorry to resend this question i saw that some people had some issues with their dual monitor and i try all the solutions,
I plugged my monitor in hdmi port to my laptop and nothing happened.
my monitor is detected by zorin but nothing can make it work please help me.
and sorry for my english it's not my native language

Dual monitor setup is normally reserved for desktops, e.g., one graphic card with an HDMI port and a VGA port can support two separate monitors. On a Notebook (I refuse to use the incorrect term of Laptop) it is either to use the external monitor as the main display, or to have both running, but both will show the same information, i.e., the external monitor will just mirror what is on screen. In order to enable access to external monitor requires a combination, usually, of a Fn key to the left of the keyboards spacebar coupled with a Fn key (top row of keys) that has a 'monitor' symbol on it - this cycles through 3 different options usually and probably best to make external connections to the notebook before turning it on.

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