Try to attach files and it doesn't display most directories or any files - Zorin Pro

Finder works fine and attaching files from browser popups. But whenever I'm in a native linux program and click attach file and it opens a new window to find the file, and it doesn't display most of my directories/folders and no files at all!! (check pic). For example on telegram I click the paperclick to attach a file and as you see in that picture, no files show up.

P.S. I'm a Zorin Pro Paid User

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File Manager displays only files that the software can use or open, for example a game don't show pictures or videos, you'll see only data files, configuration files and so on. Moreover, remember to choose the option you want from that rectangle on low right corner.

No that's definitely not the issue. Because a) I know it should find the file type (e.g. I'm attaching a picture in a notes app) and b) I can switch over to windows load the same program click attach and find the picture to attach in the same place. It's quite literally not showing any compatible file types whatsoever. But thanks for the suggestion.

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Gday @JohnDoe , looks like a bad install/download,
Are you setting up the pc as "Dual boot" or clean install?
How did you install the OS?

Try, re-downloading OS file, Make sure you have a GOOD connection.
Try another usb drive,
Create usb drive with Rufus

First try here, To check install procedure,

If you still have issue's, Please try ZorinOS pro help here.

Perhaps it depends on which version you installed, i.e., did you install the snap package?

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