Trying out Mailspring

I'm currently in the process of trying Mailspring (which is an email client similar to Thunderbird/Evolution). Hopefully, it can replace the proprietary solution I use.

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I liked Mailspring very much , but had spell checker problems on Win 11 so I wanted to find an email client that worked on all my operating systems. Loved it in Linux and will give it another try on Windows eventually. Using BlueMail at the moment for Linux and Windows 10 & 11.

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That's what I orignally used. I still use it on Android.

Still no spellcheck on Windows 11 , apparently a known problem for many users.

Intresting thing. When I have the app open, it makes my fans go loud. Check usage app, and high CPU usage.

I never had problems with that. Did you install via snap or apt?

Via DEB.

Very odd , I'm not suggesting using snap though I did due to dependency problems in different operating systems where the .deb wouldn't install.