Turned off XBOX controller is still in settings

I clicked fargot about 3 months ago but it's still diplaying

When it shown i was installing xpadneo

disable ertm is set to Y

Is someone here?

Are you using Steam? Are you referring to the "Controllers" settings in Steam?
Or to the Bluetooth settings in Zorin OS?

I mean second option in zorin os settings

Ok, so - bluetooth settings.
Does it appear if the batteries are removed from the controller?


it always display

I have xpadneo and I use an XBOX controller -never had this happen unless the Controller was on and in range.
Moreover, I could not find any config files that would store that...

Can you please check if the system is MisIdentifying a device as an XBOX controller? That happens sometimes.

I uninstalled xpadneo

and i previously used xbox series x controller that not work becaucse no keys

You might purge any xpadneo remaining files.
Check ~/.config and ~/.cache

reinstall blueman

sudo apt install --reinstall blueman