Two routers

What is best option when i have one router from ISP and another i want using like a AP. What kind solution without a cables will be here?

You need to plug your second router into your first router.

I have 3 routers 2 of which have VPN's on them and they connect into the main router that connects to the isp modem.

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Can I connect the second router first to switch? Isn't that the same?

Yes, I have one of mine going through a switch

Ok. My router have many function trying to understandable instruction how to setup all stuff.

My router have many options. Can I connect my router to switch which second router port i needing using WAN or LAN? The model is Airlive ac1200r
I will trying configure him and research on google webside.

There's not much to understand, instead of plugging the router into a modem, you use the same cable to just plug it into the switch... Done.

Make sure the router IP is different then your other routers otherwise there will be a conflict.

A simple google search will tell you how to connect 2 routers to the same network, but it isn't that indepth.

ok from switch to router what port i choice WAN or LAN?

Why would you use a LAN port on a router to get connectivity of the internet to a switch? A LAN port gives connectivity it doesn't connect to it.

As I've stated you connect to the switch just like you would be connecting to the modem, so it is the WAN port to the switch.

Most routers don't even say WAN or LAN anymore anyhow. Mine are Asus's routers and they are color coded, Blue for the "internet" connection and Yellow for your devices.

Yes with a colours that is correct. That mean's if I connected a secondary router to the switch in blue "wan" then he will be working like a primary router. That what i understable.

YES, correct

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I will check that today. I have connected router with switch and a zorin pc connected with yelow port.

Just a side comment here. In the past I used an Asus Router. When changing to fast internet I am now using a TP-Link router and used the Asus router in attic as a Wireless AP. Both routers have different IP ranges anyway. I followed a guide on doing this. All wireless access was going to the Asus and never got out to the Internet!

My router is airlive 1200R
Last time when i configure him maybe was 10 years ago.
I lost my mind when reading instruction. Well propably reading correct but wondering which function will be best for my preference. I have router up in a house then cable from router going to switcher down(switcher without wifi), then second router i would use like a primary can using wifi from second to share signal also would connect some hardware to "yellow" ports what also propably can using.

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