Ubuntu 23.10 likely to come with less apps for new users

At least that's the impression and opinion I get from reading this article:

I believe this move may alienate (is that the right word?) new (Linux) users, especially those that don't use the internet.

For me the solution is simple, OS providers should just allow a choice between full-featured installation and minimalist installation. If the user wants to try some software and knows not much about a Linux OS will choose the full-featured installation, if the user wants a lighter OS and knows what it wants to install after the OS installation it chooses the minimalist installation.


I think you are right, it would have helped me decide what version I wanted to try?

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I think these words are fair "If there’s a saving grace in all this is that most Ubuntu users stick to LTS versions. They’re unlikely to download 23.10. They won’t be affected by this “minimal experiment”. "

It is not clear if this "minimal experiment" will roll over to the next LTS, or if normal service will then be resumed for the LTS version.


I didn't even see that line! And that is true.


The only reason to use the interim Ubuntu releases is for testing or a newer kernel if needed. Currently testing Ubuntu Budgie 23.10 and they added the browser ballot a couple of releases ago as part of the welcome app which allows the user to more easily install other web browsers.

I think a similar option for an office suite or music player wouldn't be a problem. Ubuntu Budgie is different because like Souls upstream it is moving away from Gnome libawaita based applications.


The default and minimal options as on previous Ubuntu releases will be offered as on 23.04 per Jeremy Bicha Ubuntu Developer.

There will only be two options: default (which is minimal) and full (which is equivalent to the default from Ubuntu 23.04 and earlier).

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