Unable To Access Internet After Using ProtonVPN

Yesterday after using protonvpn on my system I am unable to access the internet. I have tried multiple different networks but the same. Also tried wired network too but in vain. I have uninstalled it but then also can’t get it to work. Have disconnected earlier itself, don’t know about the kill switch and all. The network connection info shows:
pvpnksintrf0 and ipv6leakintrf0

Any way to completely reset the network info or something?
I am using the beta version of the official Linux client

Official client:


I assume you have tried the uninstall instructions on that page and deleting the cached files/folders?

rm -rf ~/.cache/protonvpn


rm -rf ~/.config/protonvpn

Have you tried to delete the network device from Settings->Network?

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Thanks, I had done this before but I don’t know why after 2-3 reboots the issue was fixed :slight_smile:

I’ve set up my Proton VPN using OpenVPN instead of using the client.

Do you mean the configuration files ie the files for each server?

Yes. The only issues I’ve had with it were when that server went down and I had to setup a second VPN connection to a different server.

I’ve also used nm-connection-editor and set the VPN to auto connect when my network connects to my wi-fi.

Will also use that, when I had used the community client earlier it would connect to the server, but the ip would not change. This was the reason of me switching to the beta client, which worked fine until this issue occured.
Thanks for the idea too :smiley:

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