Unable to boot from DVD

I am attempting to install Zorin OS 15.3 Lite on a Toshiba Satellite m45-53312 laptop. It has 512 MB RAM and a Pentium M 730 (1.6 GHz 2MB L2 cache). I am able to boot 32 bit Linux distributions on a CD, and I successfully installed Q4OS which is small enough to fit on a CD. After I boot into Q4OS I can read the Zorin DVD. I can boot from the Zorin DVD on other computers.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Is it possible to get Zorin split between CDs, say with the core system and utilities on one disk and the remaining software on either additional CDs or a DVD?

Are you rcdawson? Your post is verbatim the one made here: Cannot boot from DVD

Regardless, even if you succeed in booting, the installation process becomes infeasible: Launching live too slow from DVD boot

Carmars word choice of “infeasible” really is the best choice to answer this question.
However, while I usually encourage Disk Use for installation, Older Machines do better with USB installation. Your best bet is to use unetbootin or your preferred method of writing a bootable medium to a USB stick and installing that way.

Will Zorin 15 run on 512mb’s: Yes, I have done that. Zorin Lite runs well enough… In fair warning, it cannot be bogged down with resource heavy apps.
Running Mint 17 through 20 Cinnamon or XFCE does not perform as well.
On my lil tablet, Zorin 12.4 Still Runs faster and better than Zorin 15.3 on a 512 mb machine.